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Grace Absi was born 1967 in Beirut Lebanon, her talent was first recognized in school when she draw banners and signs, she spend great deal of her childhood painting acrylic on fabrics & glass. In 1989 she received her degree in architecture. 

in 1994 she travel to Spain for vacation where she get impressed with the beauty of the country and specially the seven Islands where she decided to stay and she reside in Puerto de la Cruz, Canary Islands for seven years.

She held her first solo exposition at Sandysky Art Galleries in the Canary Islands, where she and her husband open several art galleries in 3 of the Islands where she continued to draw her elegant paintings, displays it and sell it, at the same time attending to art classes and learning new methods. 

In 2000 she immigrated to USA staying in Florida for 3 years.

In 2003 moved to south California where she resides and still, she continues to paints her masterpieces.

Her one of a kind art creation is of a unique vitality & romantic imagination and transferable message of which the principle of modern art is founded. Her elegant fine arts beauty & diversity is uniquely marvelous, it combines the romantic portraits, landscapes and the flowers in their natural beauty features a spectacular collection of oil paintings on canvas.




  1. NY Art Gallery, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain (1998)

  2. Eliomir Gallery, Tenerife, Spain (1999)

  3. Sandysky Galleries, Puerto de la Cruz, Spain (1999)

  4. Valencia international art show, Spain (2000)

  5. Gerfalcon Galleries, Boca Raton, Florida (2001-2002)

  6. Bank of America, Boca Raton, Florida (2002)

  7. Promontory, Newport Beach, California (2003)

  8. The Bluff, Newport Beach, California (2004)








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